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Dhaka Zia International Airport by Riaz Osmani

Departure facilities are excellent. Ground staff of the airline you are flying will largely determine your experience. They are usually quite good in Dhaka. Arrival facilities are a mixed bag. Immigration signs are large and clear upon disembarking your aircraft. Passport Control slow but functioning. Nothing to worry about. Baggage handling a bit messy. Conveyor belts are on two sides of passport control. I went back and forth between the two since they kept changing their minds about where to dump our luggage. Eventually they settled on one belt. Note: Bags can arrive on a belt adjacent to the one they mentioned on the board. Also the new conveyor belts are a little narrow meaning your suitcases have a hard time staying on them. Look around a bit if you cannot find your bags. If you are arriving from Europe or North America, you may be asked to jump the queue and exit the terminal ahead of those arriving from the Middle East who are subject to rigorous customs checking. Arriving in Dhaka would be a more pleasant experience if baggage handling was more disciplined. It must be mentioned that people who have travelled to Dhaka over the last few years will definitely appreciate that things are however much better that they used to be.