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Dhaka Zia International Airport by Mark Bickerton

Check-in is usually a bit busy but everyone is polite and it works OK. Immigration queues are longer for Bangladeshis than foreigners as there are generally many more Bangladeshis. Once through, there is a lovely Sheraton cafe on the first floor which everyone can access but its always very quiet and relaxing, compared to the pretty tacky cafe on the ground floor. No real shops to speak of, but to be honest thats a refreshing change these days. Arrivals - if you are at the back of the plane, the queue at immigration will be long by the time you get there. If flying to Dhaka try to get a seat near the front of economy, so you can get to the immigration before the crowds. Everyone is very friendly, and the hall is spacious. Baggage is sometimes slow, and exiting the airport can be a bit daunting.